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FATTY token terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions for FATTY Token

1. Introduction

1.1. These Terms & Conditions (the โ€œTermsโ€) govern the participation in the presale of FATTY Token ($FATTY) (the โ€œPresaleโ€). By participating in the Presale, you (โ€œthe Participantโ€) agree to be bound by these Terms.

2. Presale Participation

2.1. The Presale is open to eligible participants who comply with any requirements and restrictions set forth by the FATTY Token team (โ€œthe Teamโ€).

2.2. Participants must provide accurate and complete information during the Presale registration process.

3. Risks

3.1. Cryptocurrencies, including FATTY Token ($FATTY), are highly volatile and subject to substantial fluctuations in value. Participants should be aware that the value of $FATTY can decrease or become worthless.

3.2. The Team will not be held responsible for any loss of funds or investments incurred during or after the Presale.

4. Investment Risks

4.1. Participants acknowledge that participating in the Presale involves a speculative investment in a novel and unproven technology. The Team does not guarantee any returns or profits.

4.2. Participants should not invest more than they can afford to lose.

5. No Financial Advice

5.1. The information provided by the Team during the Presale does not constitute financial advice or any endorsement of the investment.

5.2. Participants are responsible for conducting their own research and seeking independent financial advice if needed.

6. No Liability

6.1. The Team and its affiliates shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages arising out of or in any way connected with the Presale or the use of FATTY Token ($FATTY).

6.2. Participants waive any claims against the Team and its affiliates for any loss or damages incurred.

7. Technical Risks

7.1. Participants understand that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are subject to technical risks, including but not limited to network congestion, delays, and failures.

7.2. The Team shall not be liable for any technical issues affecting the Presale or the functioning of FATTY Token ($FATTY).

8. Regulatory Compliance

8.1. Participants are responsible for complying with all applicable laws, regulations, and reporting requirements in their respective jurisdictions.

8.2. The Team will not be held liable for any non-compliance by the Participants.

9. Intellectual Property

9.1. All intellectual property rights related to FATTY Token ($FATTY) and the Presale materials remain the property of the Team.

10. Amendments and Termination

10.1. The Team reserves the right to modify or terminate the Presale and these Terms at any time without prior notice.

10.2. In case of termination, the Team shall not be held liable for any damages incurred by Participants.

11. Indemnification

11.1. Participants agree to indemnify and hold the Team and its affiliates harmless from any claims, losses, liabilities, expenses, or damages arising out of their participation in the Presale.

12. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

12.1. These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic.

12.2. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Czech Republic.

13. Presale Period

13.1 The presale period for FATTY Token ($FATTY) will be from 4.7.24 .The exact start and end times will be specified on our official website.

14. Eligibility

14.1 Participants must be at least 18 years old and must comply with all relevant laws and regulations in their jurisdiction. Residents of restricted jurisdictions are prohibited from participating.

15. Token Sale

15.1 Allocation and Price

During the presale, a fixed allocation of $FATTY tokens will be available for purchase at a specified price per token. The number of tokens allocated to each participant will be determined based on their contribution amount.

15.2 No Refunds

Contributions made during the presale are final and non-refundable. Participants are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their transactions.

16. Timing

16.1 The distribution of $FATTY tokens to presale participants will occur after the presale period ends. The exact timing will be communicated on our official channels.

17. Disclaimer

17.1 Participating in the presale carries inherent risks, including but not limited to market volatility and regulatory changes. We do not guarantee the value, utility, or transferability of $FATTY tokens.

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