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๐ŸŽฎFatBoy: GAME

Keep him happy, make him $FATTY!

FatBoy: Play-to-earn MEME Tamagotchi

Meet FatBoy: The missing link between MEME and GameFi, two of the most successful crypto segments. FatBoy Game is designed to be fun, play-to-earn, and fully sustainable. Introducing a unique GameFi model through its Challenges. Presented in a Tamagotchi-style game played daily by over 100 million users worldwide, FatBoy, with its sustainable play-to-earn concept, offers a great competitive advantage and significant value to users.

Tamagotchi making money!

Long-term proven Tamagotchi gameplay concept, upgraded by play-to-earn features. Created by skilled founders and a professional development studio with a great crypto background, FatBoy has the potential to be a new gem in your portfolio. FatBoy needs you! Keep him happy, make him $FATTY!

Goal: Keep him happy, make him $FATTY!

The gameplay consists of keeping your FatBoy alive and in a great mood! Hunger, Fun, Hygiene, Energyโ€”all of these tasks need to be managed by you during gameplay. Your FatBoy will reward you for your hard work! Join the challenge, keep him happy, and make him $FATTY!


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